SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask by


As featured on, KMOV, Sporting News for football, Sporting News for basketball, BuckeyeXtra, by Holly Rowe (via Twitter), and as worn by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, Auburn Mayor Ron Anders, and Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian!’s SHEMA97 Functional Active Mask uses high-performance nano fabric technology to help protect the respiratory system from possibly-harmful substances. The nanofiber fabric helps prevent the inhalation of airborne dust and other potentially hazardous particles. Built for comfort, this mask is in a category of its own, allowing for easy breathing without feeling stifled. Features include:

  • Special purpose nanofiber fabric
  • 97.1% fine dust filter rate
  • Filters particles down to 1 micron
  • Easily adjust the length of straps to fit to face with a sturdy toggle and lanyard
  • Applied functional nose support for a closer fit and better particulate protection
  • Lightweight: only 6 grams, which means much less pressure for the ears
  • Fashionable: wear it with any daily look
  • Cooling function allows good air circulation
  • Excellent sound transmission
  • Hand-washable over 20 times
  • UV blocking

Our Black v2 and Pink v2 masks feature the same nanofiber fabric liner as our other mask styles, and have a thicker, non-transparent outer layer suitable for airline travel, theme parks, and other uses. We cannot offer refunds if individuals within airlines, theme parks, or other organizations/locations do not allow you to wear your SHEMA97 mask.

Note: the SHEMA97 Mask by is not a respirator, not N95-certified, not a surgical mask, and is not intended for use in a clinical or surgical setting.

Color Guide

Please read carefully. We cannot accept returns on opened masks if you select the wrong color.

  • Black: see-through (semi-transparent)
  • White: see-through (semi-transparent)
  • Black & Orange: see-through (semi-transparent)
  • Camouflage: see-through (semi-transparent)
  • Black v2: not see-through (opaque)
  • Pink v2: not see-through (opaque)

Sizing Information

  • M fits small adult sizes
  • L fits medium/large adult sizes
  • XL fits extra large adult sizes
  • 2XL fits people with full beards and XL/XXL adult sizes

Mask dimensions

  • M: 8″ x 5″
  • L: 8″ x 5.5″
  • XL: 10″ x 6″
  • 2XL: 10″ x 6.5″

Children’s sizes (limited edition)

Children’s sizes are available only in Black (black v1/original black – semi-transparent). Children’s sizes do not have lanyards, and size XXS and XS are not sold with stopper beads. Masks are not to be placed on children age 3 and under.

  • S: 7.5″ x 5″
  • XS: 6″ x 4″
  • XXS: 4.5″ x 4″
Note: we recommend Black v2 or Pink v2 for air travel and theme parks. Our Black v2 mask features an all-black, opaque appearance, while our original Black masks appear grey or semi-transparent in some lighting conditions. Our Pink v2 also appear opaque.


Any currently out-of-stock sizes in our white, black, pink v2, and black v2 styles will be returning. Please DO NOT contact us regarding ETAs. We do not support preorders, backorders, or waitlists. Our limited-edition black & orange and camouflage / camouflage v2 styles will not be returning.